Dr. Fang and Dr.Pan cleared my eczema! I was suffering from a horrible and stubborn outbreak of eczema. I was covered: face, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. It was very itchy and extremely uncomfortable. The outbreak on my face was causing me particular embarrassment. I felt I looked like a clown – with a wide area of red irritated skin surrounding my mouth and eyes. My legs looked the worst (they were actually oozing), and I couldn’t help myself from scratching them until they bled. It would keep me up at night, and have me fidgeting at my desk all day. I didn’t want to use a conventional corticosteroid treatment, as I was concerned about the side effects. Particularly the bit about it thinning out your skin, at almost 60 years of age really I didn’t want to risk this. My daughter had recently started Chinese Medicine School, and recommended I go to see one of her favourite instructors, Dr. Fang. I had never tried Chinese Medicine before, but I was willing to give it a try. Went to see Dr. Fang and Dr.Pan (Dr.Fang's husband) at their Richmond Clinic, Their friendly nature immediately put me at ease. Dr.Pan asked me a lot of questions, and prescribed a treatment of herbal therapy. Again, I had never taken Chinese herbs before, and was a bit intimidated by the look of them, but Dr Fang put reassured me by explaining what they were all for. Almost immediately upon starting my herbs, the itch was relieved! Finally I could sleep through the night! Not long after that, the outbreak faded and disappeared! I was amazed. And besides not feeling side-effects, I think I actually felt better on the whole. I now am able to keep the outbreaks under control, and I haven’t suffered from such an outbreak since! Thank-you so much Dr. Fang & Dr.Pan!
Joan S.
August 20, 2005
I have been going to Dr Fang and Dr. Pan for the past 9 years. Before seeing them, I had been dealing with chronic neck pain since my teens and had seen many different physios, specialists and other Chinese doctors all these years; however, no one was actually able to find the right diagnoses and most of the physicians ended up suggest me taking pain relief. This all changed when I met Dr. Fang and Dr. Pan. Their treatment method really works on my neck pain and I no longer need to rely on pain medication anymore! They are nice, caring, and very patient. “Simply put it....Dr. Fang and Dr. Pan are amazing!”. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing neck/back pain.
Dan T
July 5, 2023
Amazing woman and staff.... had 3 back injuries in less than 4 months one right after the other and I always go to her. She never disappointed me
jaybee 91 (from Google)
3 years ago
I usually see Dr. Fang for back pain. She is very nice and responsible. Her therapy of tuina and acupuncture is so useful that my 10-year pain has gone! She treats you so carefully with her expertise.
Sherry Wang( from Google)
4 years ago
I love this place. Dr. Fang is a lifesaver! She is very professional, very knowledgable and absolutely caring! Highly recommend if you have a back pain- this is the place.
Dmitrii L( from Google)
2 years ago
Got me in right away. Explained the process and got my stiff and soar neck fixed in under an hour. Highly recommend!
Pat Miazga( from Google)
7 years ago
I highly recommend to see Dr. Fang to anyone who has chronic pain, shoulder, neck etc . I feel so safe and in a good hand. Dr. Fang explained to me the cause of the symptoms that I had and after the first treatment I felt much better.
Arna Beauty( from Google)
2 years ago
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